“Character is revealed by action, action is motivated by character.”

– Norton Wright

Image from www.glogster.com

Image from www.glogster.com

There is an organization called the Josephson Institute that teaches “Six Pillars of Character” in its youth educational programs. These pillars are:

  1. Trustworthiness – i.e. being honest, being reliable, doing what you say you’ll do.
  2. Respect – i.e. following the Golden Rule.
  3. Responsibility – i.e. being accountable, doing your best, setting a good example.
  4. Fairness – i.e. playing by the rules, being open-minded, taking turns, sharing.
  5. Caring – i.e. being kind, compassionate, forgiving, and showing gratitude.
  6. Citizenship – which includes getting involved in your communities to make them better, protecting the environment, and volunteering.


How will you be motivated by and act consistently with these six pillars above?

How can you coach, mentor and support those around you – especially children – to develop these qualities through your example?

As a bonus, please consider replying to me with other qualities beyond these six pillars that you believe are attributes of people of character.