“Dreams are powerful reflections of your actual growth potential.”

“Dreams are powerful reflections of your actual growth potential.”

– Denis Waitley and Reni L. Witt, authors

The vast majority of individuals who work with a coach have “personal growth and development” as a core value. They’re constantly engaged in challenging themselves (and their own current skills and abilities) in order to be a better version of themselves tomorrow.

Dreaming and envisioning a new and brighter future has an amazingly attractive power that works as a catalyst and mobilizes these individuals to passionately and courageously act in the direction of their dreams.

One of the roles and responsibilities of a coach is to elicit, cajole, tempt and even pull these visions and dreams out of their clients with powerful and provocative questions.


Create a list of engaging and powerful questions for yourself and those around you that will strengthen and grow your “dreaming” muscle to expand your potential to grow into your very best self.

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