You stand between whatever binds you to your past

 “You stand between whatever binds you to your past and whatever might be unbounded in your future.”

– Seamus Heaney, Irish poet and playwright


Image from Flickr by macinate

The beginning of the New Year is a poignant time for most people. It is, as Heaney suggests, a form of boundary between the previous year and the year ahead. Taking stock of the past can be a useful exercise to discover lessons learned, mistakes not to repeat, and places where you have succeeded, where you have considerable momentum to carry you forward.

Exploring the possibilities of an unbounded future in the various domains of your life can be very energizing and exciting. Tap into your courage, boldness, passion and values to make this future come true.


Select a coach, mentor, friend, family member or colleague to talk to about the unbounded possibilities of your future. Buy them a cup of coffee – or better yet, take them out for a meal. This is not an exercise you want to rush.

For extra credit, consider meeting with this person at least once a month to explore your efforts and progress throughout the year.