A great quote from Lao Tzu

“The reality of the building does not consist in the roof and walls but in the space within to be lived in.”

– Lao Tzu, founder of Taoism

562Image from Flickr by jillyspoon.

A few weeks ago, we celebrated the wedding of my son Dan to his beautiful bride Carla. I am not a wedding planner, thank goodness, and I was amazed at how many venues it took to pull off this celebration.

Included were:

  • A restaurant to host the rehearsal dinner
  • The rooftop of the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art for the ceremony
  • The ballroom of a wonderful, supportive hotel
  • A breakout room for a Sunday morning brunch
  • And even a local dance studio where the family and guests got to learn swing dancing

In each case, loving, joyous spaces were created by everyone who attended.


How can you, and those you care about, make the spaces within the buildings you live and work in even more special?