A Quote From Rumi – 13th Century Persian poet

“Keep knocking and the joy inside will eventually open a window and look out to see who’s there. These promptings will lead you in certain directions – they’re the voices of your heart guiding you in the direction of your destiny. Have the courage to stand in the mystery of your life, and you’ll be advancing nicely along your path.”

– Rumi, 13th Century Persian poet

This summer, my daughter Rachel began her fifth year working for the Southwestern company. My understanding is that she and approximately 3,000 college students and young adults participate in this unique profession that few have ever experienced.

Their role is to sell books “door-to-door” over a 12-week interval. These extraordinary young people work six days each week, often for 14 hours per day.

Talk about knocking and prompting! My wife and I are often dumbfounded at the tenacity it must take to do such a job, literally rain or shine. The result for Rachel has been a phenomenal growth in development – she’s now a confidence, charismatic young woman who can relate to almost anyone.


Where do you need to summon greater courage and take greater initiative to knock on life’s doors and advance boldly along your path?