Interview: Business Coaching, Soft Skills, “Intrepreneurship” and New Perspectives

I’ve been interviewed again by Chris Holman of Michigan Business Beat. We had a wide-ranging discussion, centering on coaching within the business world.

In this six-minute interview, Chris and I discuss:

  • “Soft skills for hard times” and how many people were let go in 2008-9 who had technical competencies but didn’t possess the softer skills of leadership, management, and coaching.
  • How people need to be versatile and wear many hats in smaller companies, developing their technical and softer skills.
  • The idea of “intrepreneurship”, including innovation, creativity, and the necessity of emotional intelligence.
  • Welcoming diverse perspectives (e.g. from people much younger or older than yourself).
  • Coming up with new ideas and new approaches by reading a wide range of materials from a variety of industries.

Click play below to listen to the interview:

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