“It’s not who you are that is holding you back. It’s who you think you’re not.”

“It’s not who you are that is holding you back. It’s who you think you’re not.”

— Unknown

Here goes: I’m going to do it. Today, I’m declaring to you, the readers of The Quotable Coach, that I will be writing a book based on the quotes that I’ve written about.

I’m calling this project “Daring Greatly,” based on the book of the same name by Brené Brown.

The challenge for all of us when we take on such matters is that we enter the unprotected world of vulnerability with all its associated fears of inadequacy and potential failure.

Beyond this first step in making this declaration to you, I have also just submitted a proposal to speak at the 2014 International Coach Federation (ICF) conference on this effort. The title is: “A Reluctant Writer: Quotching, from Blog to Book.”

Please consider sending positive thoughts and encouragement my way!


Consider taking on your own “Daring Greatly” project and declare your intentions within your communities. Reply to me with your own public goal and I will compile a list and share it with all of you in a future piece.

Thanks for being open to this coaching and for keeping going despite any thoughts of what you’re not.

“I keep six honest serving-men, (They taught me all I knew);”

 “I keep six honest serving-men

 (They taught me all I knew);

Their names are What and Why and When

 And How and Where and Who.”

– Robert Louis Stevenson, 19th century novelist and poet

Perhaps the most profound and impactful resource in the coach’s toolbox is the open-ended question. Beginning a question with one of the “six serving-men” above opens up the doors of knowledge and wisdom, if we take the time to master them.

As an added bonus, these questions also open up doors to more satisfying and fulfilling relations in our professional and personal lives.


Consider visiting my other website at dempcoaching.com and download a copy of my workbook on Masterful Relationships from dempcoaching.com/download-your-free-workbooks. The password is barrydemp (all lower-case). This also gives you access to my other two workbooks – enjoy!

If any reason you have difficultly downloading the workbook, please reply to this message with the words “Masterful Relationships” in the subject line and I will send you a copy.

“The wisdom of the wise and the experience of the ages are perpetuated by quotations.”

 “The wisdom of the wise and the experience of the ages are perpetuated by quotations.”

– Benjamin Disraeli, 19th century British Prime Minister

We have now been working on The Quotable Coach series for over 24 months with over 350 posts. It is now your turn to do some “quotching”!

In the coming weeks, we will be selecting quotes, with coaching commentaries and appropriate exercise, from our loyal readers to be included in the series.

To submit a possible guest piece, please use the following guidelines:

  • Quotes of one, two and a maximum of 3 sentences are preferred.
  • Share a real world story or piece of useful information that demonstrates this quote’s application.
  • Provide a simple and straightforward exercise to help the reader apply this idea in their own personal and professional life.
  • Include a sentence of biographical information (with your name or pen name). We encourage you to use this as an opportunity to link to your website, LinkedIn profile, or other web presence.
  • Send your finished piece to me (barry@dempcoaching.com). We may make minor edits for house style or space requirements.

Thanks in advance for your participation. I look forward to reading your quotes, commentaries, and exercises!