Interview with Doug Gfeller, Part Two: My Coaching Style and my Journey as a Writer

In this second excerpt (12 mins) from my interview with Doug Gfeller of The Coaching Perspective, we discuss:

  • What I do differently from other coaches, and how I aim to create “leveraged” coaching relationships.
  • How the idea of “givers gain” drives me in my work with my clients and gives me a sense of purpose.
  • Why I started my daily series The Quotable Coach (which Doug has shared with many friends and acquaintances) and wrote my book The Quotable Coach: Daily Nuggets of Practical Wisdom.
  • The way I use the quotes, adding a short, focused reflection and exercise, and how this has helped me send out a new email every day, Monday to Friday, for over two years.
  • My earlier experiences with writing, and particularly with corrections and feedback, which made me reluctant to put my work out there for many years.

Click “play” below to listen to this part of the interview:

You can listen to the full interview, and other interviews with me, on the Podcasts page of my coaching site.

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