Interview with Doug Gfeller, Part Three: Building an Online Audience, and the Value of Coaching for Individuals and in Organizations

In this third excerpt (12 mins) from my interview with Doug Gfeller of The Coaching Perspective, we discuss:

  • My strategies for building an online audience, and the value of this, particularly in terms of impact.
  • How a book helps build credibility, even though it’s unlikely to make you a great deal of money.
  • The importance of being found through Google, and how a strong online presence helps with this.
  • How I help business leaders become coaches within their own institution, and how I work with professional coaches.
  • How having a coach and moving your life forward can help those around you, particularly family members.
  • The ways larger organizations are incorporating coaching into their processes.

Click “play” below to listen to this part of the interview:

You can listen to the full interview, and other interviews with me, on the Podcasts page of my coaching website.