From Mick Brown, journalist and author

“Ultimately the measure of every human being is their capacity to awaken the love in themselves and to extend it to their fellow man.”

– Mick Brown, journalist and author (paraphrasing Bede Griffiths)

As a business and executive coach, I tend to deal with many practical and quantifiable issues facing my clients. Beneath the surface of these objective details are the softer sides of things.

The term “love” is often consider off-limits in business – yet I find that it is often the hidden foundation of outstanding results. There is great power and connectivity that brings great possibilities to life, when we awaken and extend love to those around us.

A smile, a caring ear, a helpful act of service, a thank-you and even a hug from time to time are some simple things we can do.


What are some other ways you can extend your loving nature to others?