“There’s always some further action to take.”

“There’s always some further action to take.”

– Pierre Boulle, French novelist

490Image from Flickr by Celestine Chua.

One of my favorite coaching techniques is called the “pivot point”. It involves three steps:

Step 1: Assessing the current reality of a situation.

Step 2: Identifying and choosing a vision for the future that you (and perhaps others) desire.

Step 3: Selecting and taking the next appropriate action to get you to your desired goal or objective.

Taking Step 1 alone can provide for considerable awareness … but it will leave you right where you are. Taking Step 2 leaves you with only a possible future, or what some may call “wishful thinking”.

By taking the last and final action step, you can make these potential futures real.


Where are you currently stuck at Step 1 or Step 2 in your personal or professional pivots? How can you take the next action step?