“When you’re presented with the opportunity to improve someone’s life…”

“When you’re presented with the opportunity to improve someone’s life, to help them go through a particularly difficult challenge, to engage with great comrades and achieve a noble mission – what could be luckier?”

– Unknown cadet, quoted by Jim Collins, business consultant and author

Fort Pickett hosts air assault courseImage from The National Guard.

Today’s quote is a call to action. It is a call for you to channel your inner coach. It’s a call to help those around you realize their most cherished goals or simply navigate their worlds a bit more smoothly.

To begin with, view this supportive process as a personal scavenger hunt in which these individuals already have the answers or resources they require within them.

Should you discover that what they need is not within arm’s length, please do help them find the missing pieces outside of themselves. These may well include what you can bring to the situation.


Select one person in your personal or professional world to help achieve their most noble mission. They will be lucky to have your support and I bet you will feel lucky too.