“Don’t think of your goals – think from your goals.”

“Don’t think of your goals – think from your goals.”

– Unknown

We are entering the holiday season and before you know it, we will be into a new year filled with promise and great opportunities. It’s that time again to reflect on what we have accomplished this year and begin the journey forward.

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Regardless of how much or even how little may have been achieved, consider a new approach to goal setting for the coming year. This quote suggests that we use our goals as a magnet to attract and pull us forward in thoughts and deeds to realize them.


Begin with the end in mind and think from your goals and you will see the action steps and milestones more clearly than ever before.

Consider picking up a copy of Stephen Covey’s famous book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and pay particular attention to Habit #2 which is “begin with the end [goals] in mind.”

You may wish to watch this video, which starts with the above quote: vimeo.com/23265082