Interview with Doug Gfeller of The Coaching Perspective: How I Got Started as a Coach

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Doug Gfeller of The Coaching Perspective recently, about “Building an Online Audience.” I’ve split the interview into short segments and will be posting them here over the next few weeks. If you want to hear the whole thing straight away, you can visit the Podcasts page on my coaching website.

In this first part (11 minutes), Doug and I discuss:

  • My first profession teaching science — following in the footsteps of many of my family members who work in education.
  • Why I left this profession and worked instead in pharmaceutical sales, and what these two careers had in common for me.
  • How the 1992 Olympic Games inspired me to become a coach and support professionals in achieving “gold medal” levels of performance.
  • How I work as a coach, and how my business has changed since I started 21 years ago — particularly in terms of finding clients.
  • The typical clients who I work with and the length of time I normally work with them.

Click the “play” button below to listen to the interview:

You can listen to the full interview, and other interviews with me, on the Podcasts of my coaching website.