Step out and explore the world beyond.

—Calm App Reflection

 Image from Unsplash by Iswanto Ari

If you are an extrovert, today’s quote might be your motto. You probably love getting out there, meeting new people, and taking it all in.

If you fall on the introverted side of the personality spectrum, you most likely feel more comfortable closer to home with only modest levels of interaction. Getting out into the world consumes your energy, and you often want to remain plugged into your own home charging station.

What if we imagined ourselves as a cell phone, knowing that unplugging is essential to tapping into its full capabilities?

Where and how would stepping out expand your horizons and enrich your life?

You can always return home to recharge after your adventures!


When and where have you been reluctant to step out into the world beyond?

Where would the risk be worth the reward?