“To descend into ourselves, we must first lift ourselves up.”

—Joseph Joubert, 18th Century French moralist and essayist

Image from Unsplash by Zac Durant

Toward the end of October, I was knocked out of my usual activities by a bad cold and an extra heavy dose of seasonal pollen to activate my allergies. I even took a Covid test before I went to my doctor, who told me it was most likely viral and to keep up my palliative care efforts of chicken soup, tea, and rest.

About the only activities that remained consistent were my meditation practice and some reading. Looking through the lens of my illness with modest energy at best, I found my descent into my thoughts and feelings revealing. A big takeaway that I thought I always knew is that the ultimate wealth is health.


How do you perceive the ups and downs of your life?

How do you lift yourself up so that you can more fully descend into yourself to live a richer more fulfilling life?

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