247 Years Ago Today…

Image from Unsplash by Tom Dahl

I wonder if the founders of this country gave thought to how their vision might change over the decades and centuries. I wonder—if traveling into the future—they would recognize their ideals at work, or wonder themselves at the dramatic changes in every aspect of life since their time.

What does independence mean to you? What does freedom mean to you?

How have you benefited from the foresight of men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and other leaders of this land?

Today, my family and I wish you all a happy and healthy Independence Day, and hope that before the BBQ, the beach, and/or the fireworks, you will take some time to consider what it means to YOU to be free to make choices for yourself.

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  1. Happy Fourth of July to you and yours.
    My short answer to your question is that America is a 21st century country operating from an 18th century set of documents. We need an update, especially the second amendment.

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