“A balanced diet is a chocolate in each hand.”

“A balanced diet is a chocolate in each hand.”

– Unknown

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Chocolate is considered a superfood with about five out of seven people worldwide enjoying it very much. I am one of them!

Below are some interesting facts to consider when enjoying this treat. (Some people believe it should even be its own food group…)

  • It can decrease the risk of stroke.
  • It can boost heart health.
  • It can fill you up and keep you full so you don’t overeat (!)
  • It may reduce the risk of diabetes.
  • It may offer protection from UV rays and skin damage.
  • It can quiet a cough.
  • It can boost your mood – it does mine.
  • It can improve blood flow.
  • It can enhance your vision.
  • It can even boost your brainpower and make you smarter.


For those of you who enjoy it too, look for ways to moderately include chocolate in your life to make it a bit sweeter.

To learn more, check out the Huffington Post article “10 Health Benefits of Chocolate” at the link below:


Perhaps you could even give a gift of chocolate to someone you love. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner…