“All people are beautiful, and the difference between us is so much less than the sameness.”

—Berry Gordie, Jr., Founder of the Motown record label

Image from Unsplash by Oren Atias

The passing of my father Marvin in March has been a catalyst for many changes in my life. On a recent trip to Florida, Wendy and I had the opportunity to thank some very close friends who supported Dad while we needed to keep our distance.

Over a wonderful three-hour dinner that included wine toasts and delicious food, we celebrated this wonderful man and the beauty of the wonderful people who were there when they were most needed.

As a record producer and the founder of Motown records, Berry Gordy clearly has been a force, wanting us all to “get it together” and “be there” for one another.


Where have you been focused on the ugliness and differences between people over the past year? Where have you discovered the beauty in others by connecting and appreciating our sameness?