“Become responsive to the solicitations of silence.”

Jean Klein, 20th Century French author and philosopher

Image from Unsplash by Nick Fewings

I am writing this post in my favorite chair in my upstairs office, with only the sound of my furnace operating in the background. As it kicks off only occasionally due to the recent frigid temperatures, I can now hear the slight sound of the ceiling fan that circulates the warm air.

Although I very much enjoyed the busy holidays with family and friends, I also have a strong desire and need for solitude and silence to regroup and re-balance. These cycles of extroversion and introversion feel like the beating of my heart and the pace of my breathing during and after a workout.


How loud and noisy is your life?

How and when do you explore the sounds of silence to discover the hidden messages between notes?

Consider reading or re-reading Susan Cain’s wonderful book—Quiet—for some additional perspective on this topic.