“You are financially secure when you can afford anything you want and you don’t want anything.”

—Attributed to an Art Buck

Image of coin and dollar bill

Image from Flickr by Rafael Gonzalez

Virtually every individual I have coached over the past 25 years has included financial security as one of their top goals. In most cases, helping them become more productive and successful and increasing their income was a top priority.

Clients often engage financial advisors and consultants to assist their efforts. Those efforts often include allocation and saving strategies for such things as education, retirement, special purchases, and other life events.

Surprisingly, only a modest number of these folks ever express a full and complete sense of security, even if their savings and investments would extend many years beyond their current life expectancy.


What shifts of mental perspective would help you earn more and spend or need less, to help you realize the sense of security and inner peace you desire?