Beautiful things come together a stitch at a time

Beautiful things come together a stitch at a time. Pace your efforts and watch the tapestry of your life unfold.

—Calm App Reflection

Image from Unsplash by Barbara Krysztofiak

Where do you find yourself rushing through your days, or adding a level of urgency to areas of life that are clearly unimportant?

Where did all this striving to keep up or get ahead originate?

Where do the concepts of peer pressure — or the fear of missing out — have you trying to pack twenty pounds of potatoes into a ten-pound bag?

Years ago, my wife belonged to a needle craft club where she created various works of art a stitch at a time.

Sometimes a two-hour session would result in only a few square inches of her evolving masterpiece. Years later, these pieces have become increasingly meaningful because of how her meticulous efforts led to a one-and-only creation.


Where in your world would a slower pace help you seek, find, and stitch together a more beautiful and meaningful life?