“Don’t set your heart on so many things.”

—Epictetus, ancient Greek Philosopher

Image from Unsplash by Luis Villasmil

Our hearts can be a bit like our hands — they can only grasp and hold so much.

The media keeps telling us the lie, “You Can Have it All!”

Many who pursue the never-ending journey of MORE eventually consume their lives in a frantic race, rarely feeling extended periods of satisfaction, contentment, and peace of mind.

I love the idea that the best things in life are not things. Traveling lighter with what fills our hearts and nurtures our souls seems far wiser council.


If your heart is a bit heavy these days or if what you have is not fully satisfying, try a bit of physical, mental, and emotional uncluttering. Please reply to this post to let me know what you discover about your heart’s true desires.

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  1. Yes. Yes. Yes. I’m trying to write, to get published, to be paid for my writing. Interruption- digestive issues…started after my 1st covid vaccination, and again after the second one, then okay for a month or so. Is it due to the vaccination? Dr’s say no. Could it be stress, I usually handle it well. Granted levels of stress may be higher than normal and lasting for extended periods of time. Inactivity is another thought. If I could wave a magic a wand and…
    Going back to like it was before isn’t an option. We have all grown in so many ways since covid19 struck. We have learned independence and become stronger in so many ways we still don’t understand.

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