“Everyone needs help from everyone else.”

– Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev,  19th century Russian novelist

Photo from Flickr by Michael Hawkins

Photo from Flickr by Michael Hawkins

In late January southeast Michigan was hit with a major snow storm. My neighborhood got its fair share, with drifts close to two feet in some areas.

At first light the next morning people were out in force with their shovels and snow blowers, beginning to free themselves from their snow-bound driveways.

My neighbor Steve, who drives a modest sedan—not an truck or 4WD SUV—was stuck at the bottom of my driveway, spinning his wheels and unable to move forward or backward.

In an instant, a number of neighbors—including yours truly—came to his aid, releasing his vehicle from its snowy prison.


One of my best coaching clients has a mission and purpose statement asserting, “We Help” in all they do. How would an “I / We Help” attitude impact your professional and personal communities for the better?