“Fear doesn’t prevent death, but it certainly prevents life.”

—Darren Hardy, Publisher of Success Magazine

Photo from Flickr by Juan Pablo Gonzalez

Photo from Flickr by Juan Pablo Gonzalez

Many years ago, I attended a personal development seminar with about 150 people where the presenter asked the participants why most people get up in the morning. Following a variety of expected responses such as “to go to work and make a living,” he gave his own answer.

He said that most people get up in the morning because they did not die in their sleep.

The entire audience was shocked.

His perspective was that a majority of people navigate through their days a bit robotically without any level of excitement, vitality, or enthusiasm.

Fear, he suggested, was a primary reason many of us lower our sights and play it safe. Rather than not being dead, he asked us to look at the question: What does it mean to be fully alive?


In what way will you overcome a fear you may have by summoning the courage to be fully alive today?