“Go outside. There is bliss in the silent expanse of nature.”

—Brendon Burchard, American Motivational Author

Image from Flickr by Moyal Brenn

Image from Flickr by Moyal Brenn

I write this post on a Saturday morning in early November in Michigan. Saturday is a quiet time, a time for me to slow down, reflect, and fully appreciate my life and the world around me.

In just under an hour, I have had the good fortune to see an amazing sunrise, a brilliant blue sky, and the bright yellow, orange, and red leaves still on the trees in my neighborhood. Albert Camus once said “Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower.”


How and in what ways can you more fully experience the silent beauty and bliss of nature, today, and throughout the year?

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  1. Hi Barry,

    I just wanted to leave you a quick note to know that I met your daughter, Rachel, on my flight earlier today and we had enjoyable and very pleasant conversation for a good part of our flight. She told me about the wonderful work you do as an executive coach, and how you are a former pharmaceutical company executive. I am at J&J. I look forward to gaining insights from your work.

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