“Go and wake up your luck.”

-Persian Proverb

Image from popsugar.com

Image from popsugar.com

A few months ago there was a frenzy of activity around the lottery here in the States. The prize exceeded a billion dollars. The number of people in lines to purchase tickets was unprecedented, and many Canadians came across the border into Michigan to try their luck at buying the winning ticket.

Three lucky winners shared the prize. The statistical likelihood of winning is minute, and of course, you can’t win if you don’t play.

Today’s quote suggests that we can, however, create and cause our own luck in life, through our determination and consistent efforts. How much money could you save if you put even half of what you spend on lottery tickets, lattes, and other discretionary purchases into some form of investment account?


How and where can and will you wake up and expand your own luckiness today?