How do you log into life? Where do your devices serve and where do they distract you from focusing on what’s most important?

—Calm App Reflection

Image from Unsplash by Mourizal Zativa

How did you log into life when you were a kid? How did your parents and grandparents do it?

What devices were available at the time to discover what was going on in the world?

To what degree did and do the following items serve as means of keeping up and connecting with others?

  • Letters of correspondence
  • Books, magazines, and printed materials
  • Records, tapes, CDs, streaming services
  • Television, movies
  • Telegrams, snail mail, e-mail, texting
  • Beepers, pagers, smartphones
  • The internet, social media
  • Family dinners and social gatherings


How was your trip down memory lane?

What have you gained or lost along the way?

What “logging in” approaches currently serve you best?

How do you expect things to evolve in the years ahead?