“I personally think we developed language because of our deep need to complain.”

—Lily Tomlin, American actress, comedian, writer, singer, and producer

Image from Unsplash by Affix Kusuma

Did you ever notice while watching a nature program that you never see animals complain when:

They are outwitted by their prey?
They deal with inclement weather?
They are injured?
They lose a fight to seek a mate?

They simply press on with things and try again.

Humans are different. It’s pretty common to see others or find ourselves complaining about a bad meal, lousy weather, poor service, our aches and pains, and a host of other matters in life that don’t go as we wish.


How might we better use our language skills to acknowledge what is right in the world and simply take the challenges and setbacks life offers with perhaps just a whimper or two?