“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.”

—Margaret Fuller, 19th Century American journalist and editor

Image from Unsplash by Kaizen Nguyễn

My grandson Weston loves lemonade. He loves it so much that he prefers it to eating if given the choice. One minute a full glass is in front of him and the next it is empty and he asks for more.

Another wonderful thing about Weston is his thirst for knowledge. His candle is always ablaze with interest in learning about his world and showing others what he can do.

How about you and others in your personal and professional communities? Where do you have the greatest thirst for knowledge and the interest in lighting the candles of others?


Who are the open-minded and always ready students in your world? How can you be their teacher, mentor, or coach supporting the next steps in their development? How ready are you as a student, and who are the wise ones in your world that help you light your way?