“It’s Time to Make the Donuts!”

—Dunkin Donuts

Photo from Flickr by Paehder

Photo from Flickr by Paehder

Readers of The Quotable Coach frequently ask me where I find the quotes. Beyond  sites such as brainyquote.com, quotation apps, and the books I read, I often receive quotes, proverbs, and some just plain cool sayings from friends and colleagues.

Today, one of my friends from the health club notice that I was leaving about a half hour earlier than my usual time. He nonchalantly said, “It must be time to make the donuts!,” which is a branding phrase from Dunkin Donuts here in the United States.

The two take-aways for me in hearing this phrase were that I was up earlier than usual to get a start on my day, and that I had an important purpose to fulfill.


What important professional or personal project would have you wake up a bit earlier, get a jump on your day, and make some “delicious donuts” of your own?