Lend a hand whenever you can.

—Calm App Reflection

Image from Unsplash by Hanna Morris

At the end of this month, Wendy and I will celebrate the second anniversary of our move back to Pennsylvania to be closer to family.

Our senior community consists of 280 homes with many wonderful people. Unlike our previous single home, we are part of what’s called a quad — four households sharing a collective driveway.

This structural difference has made it much easier to say hello to our neighbors, and even knock on one another’s doors when a particular need arises.

Lending a hand seems to come naturally to our quad mates and most folks in our extended community. My walking buddy Alan always has a bag of dog treats to share with our friendly furry friends as we make our morning rounds.


Who recently lent you a helping hand?

Where and how can you reciprocate or pay forward this gesture of kindness?