“Less is the new more.”
-JP Chartier, Canadian Author

The words “less” and “more” are among the most powerful terms used in a coaching discussion. When explored in depth, they have the power to transform your life.

You’re probably familiar with the metaphor of life being a jar that contains all our “stuff.”

Chartier’s quote suggests that we take a hard look into our jar and take the necessary steps to remove items that are no longer of optimal service to us.

When we do this, we experience the freedom and greater maneuverability this less-cramped space provides. Should we choose, we now have more room for the great stuff we desire.


Look into your own “life vessel” and create a list of things you would like to have less of in order to make room for the things you desire.

Feel free to reply to this post with your own less/more list, and share this intention with a friend, family member, or coach to support you in fulfilling this intention.