“Let go of some things in your life that you worked hard for, but that are now holding you back.”

Arthur C. Brooks, 11th President of the American Enterprise Institute

Image from Unsplash by Jordan Whitfield

Over the past several years, I have discovered and embraced the wisdom of the adage, Less is More. With two young grandchildren the idea of more love for people and less love of things really hits home.

As we add a new year to the mix, life seems to be accelerating. Spending our time and energy to hold on and maintain previously hard-won victories makes less and less sense with the acknowledgement of life’s impermanence.


Where is it time to let go of things you previously valued? How can your open hands help you grasp far more of what is even more important at this point in your life?

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  1. Good morning, Barry.
    I hope all is well with you and your family. I am doing fine; still working my business, Booth Counseling Services, still at AmeriCenter.
    Today’s quote really resonates for me, and it confirms what I shared with a client, 51, yesterday as she journeys through a career transition peppered with unexpected feelings about making changes. I will share today’s quote and your questions with her.
    Also, I want to let you know that I often think about and use the thoughts and resources you shared with / gave me. One of the best things I took action on was your suggestion to use my business email for any business purpose. So simple and yet I didn’t see it. But now, I give it to clients and it’s easy for them to remember.
    Overall, I am still of the same mindset that I am not looking to make great or big changes in what I do or how I do it, but I am certainly at a point in life where I am having to pivot in some areas and make adjustments. It’s all good, as I reduce my work hours and take more time for other pursuits.
    I want to thank you again for the help you gave me. Evidence of your support and encouragement may not have been very obvious, but it was impactful. I’m just a slowpoke. So, thank you! And a Happy New Year to you. Kind regards, Elaine Booth

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