Let go of some things in your life that you worked hard for

“Let go of some things in your life that you worked hard for, but that are now holding you back.”

Arthur C. Brooks, 11th President of the American Enterprise Institute

Image from Unsplash by Jordan Whitfield

Over the past several years, I have discovered and embraced the wisdom of the adage, Less is More. With two young grandchildren the idea of more love for people and less love of things really hits home.

As we add a new year to the mix, life seems to be accelerating. Spending our time and energy to hold on and maintain previously hard-won victories makes less and less sense with the acknowledgement of life’s impermanence.


Where is it time to let go of things you previously valued? How can your open hands help you grasp far more of what is even more important at this point in your life?

When spinning out the only thing to do

“When spinning out, the only thing to do, as hard as it seems, is to get off the mental merry-go-round.”

Mark Nepo, poet and philosopher

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The Tilt- A-Whirl is a classic carnival ride found at almost every amusement midway in America. As its platform moves through hills and valleys on the track, the free spinning tubs rotate on an axis.

For people who get dizzy easily, the best coaching is to avoid this cochlear disruption altogether or at least avoid eating beforehand.

Many of us take a mental merry-go-round on a daily basis. We have our ups and downs and we often find ourselves going round and round, always returning to where we began.

Last fall we took our grandson Weston to Sesame Place on a fairly unpleasant day. Most rides — including the merry-go-round — had no lines and we could ride multiple times in a row if we wished. We all declined another spin.


Where is your personal or professional life spinning a bit too fast?

How are you making yourself dizzier through your own mental carnival ride?

What do you need to do to stop or slow down the ride to regain your balance?

Go deeper and immerse yourself in the familiar to see what lies in the deep fields of being alive.

Go deeper and immerse yourself in the familiar to see what lies in the deep fields of being alive.

—Calm App Reflection

Image from Unsplash by Logan Weaver

Slow down and really take in the world around you. Bring all of your senses to high alert to notice everything anew.

Pretend that you have superpowers of immersion to experience new dimensions of being alive. Imagine having telescopic and microscopic vision as well as supersonic hearing, super tasting and super smelling capabilities, like certain animals that share our world.

How wonderful these new capabilities would be if we would only slow down and look deeper into the familiar.


Where are you currently racing through your life?

Where would slowing down and exploring your world from a more immersive perspective reveal new insights and wonders to enjoy?