“Little Things Mean a Lot.”

— Carl Stutz/Edith Calisch, Songwriters

Image from perfectbodybywii.blogspot.com

Image from perfectbodybywii.blogspot.com

Big things get a lot of attention in our world. Society makes a point to recognize and celebrate things that stand out, such as:

  • The highest mountains
  • The tallest trees
  • The biggest buildings
  • The largest ships
  • Super-sized foods
  • The biggest athletes
  • The richest people
  • The largest homes

Meanwhile, when prompted to look closely at what brings them personal satisfaction and a life of meaning and purpose, many people list the often-overlooked “little things” that bring them smiles and fill their hearts.


If you, too, see the “little things” as big things in your life, consider generating a list of 20, 50, or even 100 “little things” that mean a lot to you.