“Old ways won’t open new doors.”

— Author Unknown

Image from cwfoa.com

Image from cwfoa.com

Prior to starting my coaching career many years ago, I held sales, advertising, and marketing roles with a well-known pharmaceutical company. For a two-year period I even had the opportunity to work with advertising agencies to promote our products. Without question, there was a single word that, if we could use it, would grab the greatest attention for our prospective customers. The word, “NEW!” always got people to raise their eyebrows and lean in to learn more about the product.

Today it is more important and urgent to remain fresh and relevant. Old ways of doing things are becoming extinct, and it is imperative to initiate and embrace new ways to open new doors to the future.


Where in either your personal or professional life is sticking with old ways of doing things limiting your success?

Select at least one new thing to do today that will open one door that is closing, or is completely shut.