Nature offers us wonderful examples of growth, renewal, and transformation when we allow each of its seasons to guide our life.

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Image from Unsplash by Ian Schneider

What is your perspective on winter? What activities make up most of your days during the winter months? How much time do you spend outdoors?

Except for periodic brisk walks and sprinting from one building to another with my car acting as a shuttle service, I live a predominantly indoor life when it’s cold. Although I admire the grit and fortitude of people who choose a frigid lifestyle, I prefer to hibernate or fly south.

Instead of feeling bad and self-critical during these months, I’ve learned to embrace more inner efforts as a necessary and valuable aspect of living on a planet that circles the sun on a 23 degree angle.


How can and do you embrace each of nature’s seasons and the opportunity they offer? What inner and outer work lies ahead for you in this new year?

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