“Reading can teach you the best of what others already know. Reflection can teach you the best of what only you can know.”

—James Clear, author, entrepreneur, and photographer

Image from Unsplash by Ben White

How are reading and reflecting a bit like eating and digestion?

Depending on what you read, you may consume both good and not so good nutrients. Just like reading the labels on packaged foods, we all need to be more discerning as to what we take into our minds as well as our bodies.

With many having made resolutions to be healthier and fit in 2021, we could all more carefully reflect on concepts worthy of digesting and assimilating into our lives.


How would greater selectivity in your reading and far more thoughtful reflection help you lead a more wonderful and wiser life?

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  1. Good Morning Barry!
    Great read and reminder of reflection! Today, this morning I am reading some new material about protecting lives and reflecting on the last year and how what I do daily makes a huge impact in the lives of others. Humbled & grateful for the journey and path I have been on for the last 3years!

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