“Show up and turn lights on for people.”

—Seth Godin, American Author

Image from Unsplash by Isabella & Louisa Fischer

Before electricity, the primary way to turn on the lights were fire, the occasional lighting storm, and of course, waiting for our sun to rise so we could begin our days.

These days, we live in a 24/7 world that never sleeps. With the ON switch always at the ready, why is it that so many folks are still in the dark with the covers pulled over their heads?

In today’s quote, Seth is probably referring to both external and internal fires of inspiration that have gone out and require more fuel and oxygen to breathe life into them once more.


How and in what ways can you turn on a few more lights for others in your personal and professional communities?

How can you add a spark of encouragement and inspiration to help others rediscover their own inner fires?

Who can and will you show up for today?