“So removing vitamin E from its context within plant foods is like sending a general into battle without any troops.”

—T. Collin Campbell, American Biochemist

Image of a plate full of fresh veggies

Image from Unsplash by Anna Pelzer

One of the most interesting and valuable books I have read this year is “Whole” by T. Collin Campbell. His notoriety in the field of whole food nutrition was advanced significantly through the famous China Study. In this research, he demonstrate dramatically lower incidences of significant disease states such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

A key from his more recent studies is that selecting individual or small groups of food components such as individual vitamins as a magic bullet to health is inappropriate and can even be dangerous. Optimal health, he strongly suggests, depends on a symphony of food elements interacting with our own symphony of bodily processes.

Unfortunately, telling someone to eat fruits and veggies doesn’t feed the economic engines of our medical, pharmaceutical, and food manufacturing industries.


Beyond my suggestion to read this important book how can you incorporate far more whole foods as an army to fight disease and support a longer and healthier life?