“Sometimes changing the game is as simple as finding a few people who play by the same rules you do.”

—Curtis Tyrone Jones, Author of Guru in the Glass

Image from Unsplash by Christopher Paul High

Imagine you are about to play a new board game. Although you want to begin playing immediately, you must first read the rules.

What if your current life was actually a board game in which the rules – and even the players – were already established without your knowledge? How much do you enjoy playing your current game, and how often do you experience that winning feeling?

Upon opening the box to your new game, you are surprised to see that instead of being highly detailed and specific, the rule sheet offers a number of provocative questions for you to create your own set of rules.

You have the power to guide your play and who you invite to join in the fun.


What questions could you ask yourself to reveal a set of rules that would most fully resonate with your most closely held values and guiding principles?

Which people in your world that live by these rules can and will you invite to take their turn rolling the dice?