“Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.”

Seneca the Younger, ancient Roman philosopher

Image from Unsplash by Brett Jordan

In the past, I had a much different view of the word courage. I reserved it for men and women in uniform, explorers, famous leaders, and of course, superheroes.

Today, with a bit more awareness, compassion, and empathy, I see countless acts of courage in almost everyone I meet and get to know.

Examining the big and little challenges people face on a daily basis, I am amazed that so many have the resolve to get up and get going even with the heavy burdens they bear.


Where in your world do you observe quiet—and often hidden—acts of courage?

How and in what ways can your offer support to lighten the loads of others in your communities?

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  1. A co-worker said I was courageous and my story inspiring, after I shared with him how my wife and I lost our teenage son two years ago and decided to start a new family through surrogates. We now have 3 healthy infants who have brought renewed hope, purpose and even joy back into our lives, even with the 24×7 feedings, diaper changes and baby fussiness. I don’t feel courageous, knowing that in light of our unimaginable grief and sorrow, we found a path and took action. During the early days/weeks/months after our son died, even getting up from bed and trying to live each day was an act of courage. We have no regrets on our decision. Family, close friends and colleagues have found inspiration from our story and perhaps that is a small silver lining from our tragedy.

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