When you need to learn quickly, learn from others

“When you need to learn quickly, learn from others. When you need to learn deeply, learn from experience.”

James Clear, author of Atomic Habits

Image from Unsplash by Shiromani Kant

In what areas of your life do you consider yourself highly competent or even masterful?

What were your developmental journeys like and how long did they take?

Who were your teachers, mentors, and coaches, and how much practice did you put in to reach your current level of proficiency?

A while ago, I took my car to the shop for its annual inspection. After several hours and several hundred dollars, I was out the door with a new window sticker of approval. A few weeks later when I was out of town, the yellow manufacturer maintenance light popped on.

Knowing I was good to go, I looked up a You Tube video and three minutes later that pesky light was gone.


Who are the people in your life that help your learn things quickly?

Where do you need to put certain lessons into practice over time to develop the deeper mastery you desire?