You don’t find your ground by looking for stability

“You don’t find your ground by looking for stability. You find your ground by relaxing into instability.”

Cory Muscara, founder of the Long Island Center for Mindfulness

Image from Unsplash by Dominik Jirovský

Have you ever gone camping and had to sleep on the ground? Perhaps you were invited to a sleepover as a kid and the floor was all that was available.

How soft or firm is your current mattress? What qualities of this most important piece of furniture do you value most?

Do you recall the years of the water bed craze?  As a proud early adopter, I still recall the initial instability and the “motion of the ocean” when we first rolled in each evening.


Where would relaxing into areas of instability in your life help you discover the stability you seek?

What pleasure and fun might be available if you simply learned to go with the flow more often?