“The Biggest Room…”

“The biggest room in my house is the room for improvement.”

—Irma Givens, Detroit-area Communications Specialist

Photo from Flicrk by Phil King

Photo from Flicrk by Phil King

Imagine that you have a second career as an interior designer or architect. Instead of building materials, paints, fabrics, and furniture, you have other tools to beautify your “room for improvement.”

One of my favorite exercises I use with clients to support their personal development planning is having them describe their best future self. As a starting point, I have them examine the qualities and positive characteristics of the people they most respect and admire. They also have the opportunity to take an objective view of themselves regarding the personal habits or behaviors that hold them back from being their best.


Consider developing your own “personal improvement plan,” and give yourself plenty of room for this growth. Select a growth partner, mentor, coach, or other supportive person who will encourage you, and even hold your feet to the fire to help you be your best future self. You, in turn, can be a coach and support partner for them.