“When a man eats his words, that’s recycling.”

“When a man eats his words, that’s recycling.”

—Frank A. Clark, 20th Century American lawyer and politician

Image from Unsplash by Artem Beliaikin

Here in Rochester Hills, Michigan, we are very proud of our recycling efforts. We were the first city in Michigan to pioneer a program where recycled waste was weighed during weekly curbside pickup — and each household was provided a tax credit for their efforts.

What recycling efforts do you participate in and see occurring in your part of the world?

These days, various forms of verbal and written pollution are damaging our environment with many hurtful and toxic effects on our local, national and global communities.


Where in your world would eating a larger portion of your own verbal missteps make the biggest difference?

Imagine the world that would result if all people took on this recycling effort!