“Life is like playing the violin…”

“Life is like playing the violin in public and learning the instrument as one goes on.”

—Samuel Butler, 19th century English author

Photo from Flickr by Bunches and Bits

Photo from Flickr by Bunches and Bits

We’ve all heard the phrase “Life is not a dress rehearsal.” We are constantly on stage, learning as we go. The good news is that this is exactly how we learn best, through the day-to-day experiences that mold and shape our character and spirit.

Sometimes, though, our fears take over and we remain on the sidelines, watching others venture on stage and observe how things turn out for them. Often we see them fail or fall short, and think that their experience confirms our reasons for playing it safe.

Samuel Butler tells us otherwise in this quote. To be a virtuoso at life, we must engage as fully as possible, knowing that this daily effort can lead us to harmony and success.


Consider Malcolm Gladwell’s “Rule of 10,000 hours” as a way of orchestrating personal mastery and the success and fullness of your own life.