“Choose to think of yourself as a founder.”

“Choose to think of yourself as a founder.”

—Laszlo Bock, Work Rules

Image from Unsplash by Shannon Rowies

Founder is a title with a good bit of prestige. It carries connotations of leadership, creativity, determination, intelligence, and boldness. Founders start things and are courageous enough to take risks to create something new and better.

You can think of yourself as a Founder if:

  • You develop a plan to start something new or different
  • You establish a vision or mission for your goals
  • You seek and put together a group of advisors
  • You recruit others to help execute your idea
  • You garner the resources to fund your project


Where have you been a Founder in either your personal or professional communities? Where are you currently feeling the call to be a Founder once again, on some new opportunity bubbling up within you?