We can practice yoga by simply sitting in stillness

We can practice yoga by simply sitting in stillness. This is your inner posture.

—Calm App Reflection

Image from Unsplash by Tadeusz Lakota

In my early forties, I attended yoga classes at my local fitness center every Friday and Sunday morning.

I had heard the praises of this practice and yet I always felt I was missing the full value it claimed to offer. I found a good number of poses very challenging and I was clearly not a Gumby when asked to bend and fold by the instructor.

I even had difficulty on most occasions focusing on my breath without my mind racing off in a multitude of directions which often included an unhealthy dose of inner critic.

In more recent years, through my meditation efforts and other forms of eastern movement, I have discovered my inner yoga posture simply by sitting in stillness.


How could bringing more stillness into your life offer you many of yoga’s benefits without getting bent out of shape?